Deseeding Machine (DD-02)

Deseeding Machine (DD-02)

Application: It is suitable to pit Dates, Cherry, Plum, Olive, Crab apple.


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Weight of Machine :


Motor power :


Dimension :

1100*1200*1100 (mm)

capacity :

2340pcs/min ,1140pcs/min ,540pcs/min

Remove rate :




It is suitable to pit Dates, Cherry, Plum, Olive, Crabapple.


  • The deseeding machine is used for pitting fruits such as dates, plum, olive, etc. 
  • The dates without pit can be much more convenient to use.
  • The most important thing is, after pitting, dates still have high integrity flesh rate.
  • This kind of pitting machine adopts high speed sprinting and penetrating theory.
  • It uses electromagnetic vibration feeder for automatic feeding for loading material automatically, then sends the fruit to pitting stations by the chain conveyor.
  • Under the help of the upper die, the wedge centralizer die can finish automatic axis positioning and clamping.
  • Then the punch-pin goes down and punch the fruit pit, subsequently, the upper die goes back and separate the lower die by the elasticity.
  • Finally, the fruit pulp was sent to the discharge hole by a chain conveyor.
  • The faster the speed of the punch-pin is, the more integrated the fruit will keep.
  • Widely suitable for pit Dates, Cherry, Plum, Olive, Crabapple, Hawthorn and so on.
  • An adjustable mould according to different materials, with the diameter scope from 10mm to 34mm.
  • Frequency conversion technology makes the operation simple and high effective.
  • High integrity flesh rate.