Hard Candy Processing Line

Hard Candy Processing Line

Application: It is used for making soft and hard candies.



Production Capacity :

100 kg/h – 600 kg/h

Model :

GD150 servo-dri GD300- servo-dri GD450 servo-dri GD600 Servo-dri

Max. of the product(g) :


Speed of stroke(n/min) :


Steam consumption(kg/h) :

250 0.2~0.6 300 0.2~0.6 400 0.2~0.6 500 0.2~0.6

Electric power needed :

18kw/380V 27kw/380V 34kw/380V 40kw/380V

Compressed air consumption :

2mP 3P/min 0.4-0.6Mpa 25mP 3P/min 0.4-0.6 Mpa 3mP 3P/min 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.5mP 3P/min 0.4~0.6Mpa

Conditions needed :

20~25 55 20~25 55 20~25 55 20~25 55

Gross weight(Kgs) :

3000kgs – 5500kgs



It is used making soft and hard all types of candies.


  • Pattern-cell and Servo design allows higher depositor running speed, easy maintenance and easy cleaning
  • Continuous process for minimal product wastage
  • Accurate and auto-control of deposited volume of the product in PLC
  • Easy for the changeover of the product dimension and weight
  • Full PLC control with LED touch screen for easy operation
  • The production capacity from 150 kgs/h to 600kgs/h
  • The whole plant is made of hygienic Stainless Steel (SUS304)
  • Optional (mass) flowing controlled by Frequency inverters
  • In-line injection, dosing and pre-mixing techniques for the proportional addition of liquid
  • Dosing pumps for the automatic injection of colours, flavours and acids
  • One set of extra chocolate paste injection system for making chocolate-central candies
  • Uses AUTOMATIC STEAM CONTROL SYSTEM instead of manual steam valve which controls a stable steam supply to the microfilm cooker
  • "two/three-color stripe depositing", "two /three-color double layers depositing", "central filling", "clear" hard candies and etc. can be made
  • Moulds can be made according to the candies samples provided by the customer