Dough Divider Rounder (DDR)

Dough Divider Rounder (DDR)

Application: Suitable for dividing and rounding the dough automatically. 


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Weight of Machine :

340 KG

Power :

0.75 Kw

Divisions :


Dimension :

680*730*2050 MM



This machine is suitable for dividing and rounding the dough automatically. 


  • Machines for dough processing like dividers, rounder, moulders or even automatic proofers have been designed to save time and bring comfort and productivity to bakers.
  • The dough divider & rounder is semi-automatic design
  • The DDR is a machine for dividing and rounding dough.
  • Manual dividing and motorized rounding on the Oscillating platform.
  • This equipment merges in the same cycle the operations of dividing and rounding.
  • The operation is simple and one operator is needed to turn out up to 2800pc./hr.  


  • Divides and rounds the dough to 30/36 equal pieces automatically.  
  • You can adjust the dough from 25g-100g according to your need. 
  • Divides and round the dough within 10 seconds.
  • Helps to Improve working efficiency and save labour.
  • Perfectly scales and rounds pieces 
  • PVC moulding plate
  • No oil in or above product zone
  • Easy snap on and off head cover for easy cleaning 
  • Reasonable design, uniform and complete dividing.
  • Manual dividing, easy to operate.
  • Even rounding for buns.
  • Improving work efficiency, saving cost.
  • Realize dividing and rounding of the paste at the same time.