Automatic Filling Machine SFM-6

Automatic Filling Machine SFM-6

Application: it is use for liquid, syrup , sauces and other similar products.


Filling volume :


Fill Range :

1800-3800 bottles/hour

Voltage :

220V 50Hz 2Phase

Total power :


Weight :


Bottle Size :


Dimension :


Air compressor :




it is use for liquid, syrup , sauces and other similar products. 


1. The servo motor is special for various kinds of products such as liquid, detergent, cream, jam and product with small particle etc. it is very good at preventing foam

2. Filling Head is equipped with special blowout preventer to prevent drawing and dripping. 

3.      Touch screen operation,humanized design,easy operation.

4.      Microcomputer PLC control,transform specifications modification parameter conveniently. 

5.      Accurate level sensor, automatic filling materials, atmospheric fixed channel parameters, help you finish filling operation precise.

6.      Specially design of integral lifting mechanism and unique. Convenient adjustment, can satisfy various specifications of the container. Different from the traditional way of lifting, pipe bending and prolong filling time too.

7. Photoelectric sensor and pneumatic door control and lack of bottles, automatic protection.

8.      Pneumatic valves, efficient and safe. Each channel can be independent regulation and
9.  Material: Contact part made of AISI316L,other part made of AISI304

Technical Details

Bottle Size              Ф30-Ф150mm

Filling Volume:        50-500ml(adjustable)

Filling Speed         1800-3800 bottles/hour

Filling Precision:     <±0.5g

Pressure                 0.6-0.8mpa

Material                  AISI304&AISI316

Total Power            2kw

Voltage                   220V 50Hz 2Phase

Diamension             2300*1300*2200mm

Weight                    1000KG