Twin Vertical Packaging Machine (TW 101-V)

Twin Vertical Packaging Machine (TW 101-V)

Application: Suitable to pack Tea, rice, pulses, sugar, detergents & granules substances.


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Power supply :

400v Three Phase 50 Hz

Power Consumption :

4.5 KW

Speed :

120 – 150 bags/ Minute

Packaging Material :

Any Heat Sealable

Bag shape :

Pillow, Pillow Bag with Gusseted Block Bottom

Max reel dia :

Max. 300mm

Max reel width :

Max. 320mm

Air consumption :

6 – 8 bar



Twin Vertical Packaging Machine (TW 101-V) is suitable to pack Tea, rice, pulses, sugar, detergents & granules substances.


  • Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine is manufactured with high quality material and components for reliable operation.
  • Minimum maintenance required.
  • Reduced noise levels.
  • Tea Packaging Machine, rice Packaging Machine, pulses Packaging Machine, sugar Packaging Machine, detergents Packaging Machine & granules substances' Packaging Machine.
  • Can pack well-proportioned products that do not have high requirements on precision and are not fragile. Such as tea, rice, beans, roasted seeds and nuts, pistachio, puffed food, popcorn, candy, salt, monosodium glutamate, laundry powder, chemical granule, pet food and so on.
  • This machine is with high precision structure for simple and easy operation and repair. 
  • Two discharge of product and makes double packets
  • It has highest speed about 120-150 BPM.
  • Two synchronous belt device and servomotor film transporting system, makes the film move stably and form bag smoothly.
  • Two independent sealing cylinders design, makes the excellent sealing and nice sealing stripes.
  • PLC system and large touch screen, high automatic, simple operation and maintenance, it works with low noise and stable.
  • Adopt external film feeding mechanism.
  • Film setting is more easy and quick.
  • Different kinds of sealing forms are available according to customers’ requirement.
  • Volumetric cup measuring system with photocell eye, high efficiency.