Twin Vertical Packaging Machine (TW 101-MHW)

Twin Vertical Packaging Machine (TW 101-MHW)

Application: Suitable for packing Snacks, bulk, candles, pulsspicesses, rice, pulses, pasta & biscuit etc.


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Speed :

120-150 bpm

Packaging Material :

Any Heat Sealable

Bag shape :

Pillow, Pillow Bag with Gusseted Block Bottom

Max reel dia :

Max. 300mmx 320 mm

Max reel width :

Max. 475mm

Max reel length :

Max. 375mm

Power supply :

400v Three Phase 50 Hz

Power Consumption :

3.5-4 KW

Air consumption :

6 – 8 bar



Twin Vertical Packaging Machine (TW 101-MHW) is suitable for packing Snacks, bulk, candles, pulsspicesses, rice, pulses, pasta & biscuit etc.


  • Variable speed and size.
  • Package length can be freely and automatically changed meanwhile operation is taking place.
  • Temperature control system is programmed with sensing light.
  • Speed can be easily adjust by HMI.
  • Advance HMI system.
  • More reliable and life time model.
  • Range of machines in this series (is not limited to) includes: Snacks packaging machine, bulk  packaging machine, candles  packaging machine, pulsspicesses  packaging machine, rice packaging machine, pulses packaging machine, pasta packaging machine & biscuit packaging machine etc.
  • The design of this machine is reasonable and elaborate. Its performance is stable and it is easy to handle. It can cut the edge of every single bag or every several joint bags according to specific requirement.

  • All proceedings of feeding, measure, bag-making, date printing, filling, puffing, sealing, cutting and outputting finished products are finished automatically. 

  • It have twin discharge and highest speed  about 120-150 BMP,

  • The conveyer is applicable for vertical lifting of grain material in departments such as corn, food, fodder and chemical industry, etc.

  • For the lifting machine, the hopper is driven by the chains to lift.

  • It’s used for vertical feeding of grain or small block material.

  • It has advantages of large lifting quantity and highness.

  • It has a compact structure and every component has been made carefully, and the touching part of material are made by stainless steel.