Twin Vertical Packaging Machine (TW 101-AG)

Twin Vertical Packaging Machine (TW 101-AG)

Application: Suitable for packaging Flour, milk powder, spices, chemical powder, pesticides & granules substances.


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Power supply :

400v Three Phase 50 Hz

Power Consumption :

5.5 KW

Speed :

Upto 200 bags/ Minute

Packaging Material :

5.5 KW

Bag shape :

Pillow, Pillow Bag with Gusseted Block Bottom

Max reel dia :

Max. 300mm

Max reel width :

Max. 320mm

Air consumption :

6 – 8 bar



Twin Vertical Packaging Machine (TW 101-AG) is suitable for packaging Flour, milk powder, spices, chemical powder, pesticides & granules substances.



  • The machine is manufactured with high quality material and components for reliable operation.
  • Minimimum maintenance required
  • Lower noise levels.
  • Range of machine in this series include (not limited to): Flour packaging machine, milk packaging machine powder packaging machine, spices packaging machine, chemical powder packaging machine, pesticides packaging machine & granules substances' packaging machine.
  • This machine can automatically  complete  material lifting, Auger filler measuring, coding bag making, filling, sealing, counting,  conveying finished products, sorting finished products.
  • Twin discharge of product and makes double packets,
  • It have highest speed upto 200 BPM.
  • PLC servo and pneumatic control system,
  • Super touch screen forms  the drive control center, high reliability and the intellectualized degree, and equipped with safety protection.
  • Touch screen can store a variety of different product packaging process parameters, when replacement product, it can be used at any time without having to reset.
  • Equipped with fault display system, when the fault occurs
  • Can make hole punching device after customer's request.
  • This machine has stainless steel type and carbon steel type for choice
  • Sealing type: Pillow type seal, Gusset bag, Block bottom bag