Sama Super Cartoning Machine

Sama Super Cartoning Machine

Application: It can pack the glue boxes, food boxes, non-food item, tubes, and so on.


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Weight :

Approx. 5,510 lb. / 2,500 kg

Air consumption :

0.35 m³/min @ 5-6 ba 12-15 cfm @ 70-83 psi

Model :

Sama Super Cartoning

Dimension(mm) :

H = 80.24”/2030 mm L = 257.52”/6541 mm D = 55.5”/1410 mm

Electric power needed :

230V= 575V/3PH, 50/60HZ

motion :


Output Speed :

Max. 120 cartons per minute

Output Carton Dimensions Min :

H = 0.5”/ 12.7 mm L = 1.75” / 44.5 mm D = 4.75”/ 121 mm

Output Carton Dimensions Max :

H = 5.0”/ 127 mm L = 12”/ 305 mm D = 14”/ 356 mm

Safety system Category :

3 EN-13849-1 PLd (control reliable)



It can pack the glue boxes, food boxes, non-food item, tubes, and so on.



  • Output speed and filling accuracy depends upon type of product / consistency in characteristics of the product / quantity per pouch / packing material and other such dynamic and environmental factors.
  • Layout of printing /color combination / color of photocell etc. Are required to be approved by us prior to the commercial production of the packing material. For this, sufficient trial required to be conducted on the machine.
  • Necessary material handling system for mechanized handling of product and for continuous feed of product to the machine is required to be procured by buyer before putting the machine into regular operation.
  • In order to test the machine ability and flow characteristics of the packing material, the same should be available to us for trials before dispatch of the machine. If need arises, composition / structural configuration is required to be changed.
  • While commissioning of the machine we extend only supervisory services. All necessary civil work, other pre-requisites are to be arranged by the buyer.
  • Necessary details will be provided by us well in advance.
  • Buyer from his side will ensure all preparations and pre–requisites are complete in all respects so that erection and commissioning is completed in one visit within reasonable time.
  • While erection and commissioning it is desirable to have buyer’s operator to work alongside our engineer so as to enable him to get habituated to the machine.
  • It is obligatory to install a voltage stabilizer to grand the correct equipment working SAMA Engineering will not be responsible for any problem caused due to this matter.
  • Range of machine sincluded in this category are (not limited to): glue boxes packaging machine, food boxes packaging machine, non-food item packaging machine, tubes packaging machine.